What is WordPress ? WordPress is the least difficult, most well-known approach to make your website or blog.

Indeed, WordPress controls more than 45.00% of the relative multitude of sites on the Internet. Every person has access to use or alter WordPress, without any charges. WordPress can be used as a tool to supervise your entire website including the web-content.

Why choose WordPress?

Are you looking for a platform to launch your business or startup with your blogging life? The building up of a website brings up the name, WordPress. It is one of the most popular content management platforms having its own benefits and making it better than all others. Some key advantages of word press are listed below;
Ease of use

WordPress is a user-friendly platform, serving everyone with its easy installation and personalized website content features. It enables you to pick out a theme of your choice, and design your website according to your will and makes it very easy for the administrator to explore through their website. Publishing content is made way easier through WordPress as they offer plugins to optimize your website’s content. WordPress community is always here to help its users out and support them if they require any.

Highly customizable and unlimited designing options

Customization is costly. Hence, we all hesitate to put resources into customization. WordPress is a truly adaptable device, providing all its users with the facility to make a completely custom-made, wonderful plan is one of the highlights that make WordPress so easy to use. There is a broad variety of free themes and templates available for your site. You can alter and pick a filter/ themes of your choice and make your image radiate through your site and provide a special encounter to your visitors.

Making SEO easy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a strategy used by website owners to measure the effectiveness of an online business by attracting the audience, and ranking higher in search engines. It is important for all business owners to optimize their content and make their website search engine friendly to maximize their search traffic. WordPress comes with a built-in option of supporting plug-ins like SEO Ultimate. SEO tools prefer WordPress because the code is simple and clear making it easy for them to read the content on the site.

Open-source with community support

Since WordPress is free and open-source, it's upheld by WordPress-cherishing networks worldwide. WordPress community is liable for making changes to the source documents and keeping WordPress upgraded and secure. The WordPress community makes a lot of effort to engage clients, facilitating WordPress camps worldwide and supporting the development of local WordPress users.

Customize plugins

Plugins are a specialty of WordPress. Clients can customize their website according to their wish by including desired functionalities just by installing a plugin. WordPress is a platform offering you a great number of plugins for free.

Flexible usage

WordPress is used to create a wide range of websites with flexible bundles. It is a platform allowing you to create multiple business websites, e-commerce stores, or personal blogs with the aid of existing templates or self-customized designs.


WordPress is the best choice if you want to run your website consistently on multiple devices at the same time. WordPress offers a responsive design, offering your users an unforgettable experience without having to put in any efforts you'll gain in a lot of traffic.

Security guaranteed

WordPress is a platform that is regularly maintained and secured. Plugins and themes that are offered by WordPress are constantly upgraded. The users need to keep a check on the updates and install them on their website. Security updations are automatically updated to your website.

Type of websites WordPress can make ? WordPress is not just used to power blogs or business websites. With the aid of WordPress’s provided plugins and themes, you can produce several types of websites such as:

Business Websites

A variety of themes are available on WordPress to suit your business. WordPress additionally offers powerful adaptability tools, your website can upgrade as your business does. Before building a website for your business, you should be prepared about your business strategies and understand the demands of your targeted viewers. (The Walt Disney Company is one of the biggest brands using WordPress).

eCommerce stores

its serviceability is the best solution for online businesses that are new to eCommerce. WordPress uses plugins that help you manage payment methods, sales tax, shipping, etc that help you modify a normal website into an eCommerce platform. Your eCommerce website should be able to provide users coherent product browsing along with a secure payment process.

Portfolio websites

WordPress offers portfolio website artists, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, and web designers to showcase their best works. It is considered to be the best strategy to get your work noticed, and let the audience know who you are and what service do you offer.

Wiki/Knowledge Website

WordPress offers you to spread and browse knowledge. You can easily use WordPress wiki themes and plugins to build your knowledge base. You can add up documents and articles to your website.

Government websites

WordPress offers personalized features for governments to convey messages, official statements, etc. WordPress services include a wide range of pages, government-related news, information about upcoming and previously held events. Governments use WordPress to productively present convey and information to the population.

Magazine and Digital Publishing Websites

News and entertainment-related websites are the most visited ones. It is a mixture of news, stories, reports, gossip, and all kind of sugar and spice around you. If you’re full of drama, you definitely should give it a go.

Charity websites

WordPress allows you to craft a website to keep financers aware of the rising of global hunger. You can donate, no matter how small the amount is to the ones in need. It is a platform to engage people by creating inspiring content, and motivate them to help others.

Job application websites

Due to the growth of the population, the employment opportunities need to be showcased in a manner that they are accessible to everyone along with their requirement criteria. Having a site where professionals and people requiring jobs can easily streamline the hiring process. WordPress allows you to set job boards with ease.

WordPress is here to kickstart and upgrade your business with countless features and unlimited development opportunities.

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